So what is Freemasonry you may ask? 

Besides being an institution that has progressed through very many centuries, the official explanation is ‘A system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols’. Well…. that is just so ambiguous for many of us and a better or modern explanation is a gathering of good like-minded men who are seeking their own personal appreciations.

It is a wonderful system of discipline designed to improve ourselves, each within our own compass of attainment.

Our Lodge recognizes that Freemasonry means very many different things to very many different people which cannot be defined. That is what makes it so beautiful. It is these various enjoyments that sustain us and the institution. The oil that lubricates the cogs of this beautiful machinery for our enjoyment in our craft is humility, submission, acceptance, tolerance, empathy for our fellow man, all of which the machinery produces the journey of discovery in emotional and spiritual development, opportunities to practice a principle way of life and a sense of pride to an order rich in history. This, we deem to be our Lodge and the current Masonic Value Proposition.

We welcome all Masonic visitors and invite those who wish to participate in our order to make an application through our Lodge Secretary.